Thursday, May 6, 2021

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    Quarantine fashion and Work from home attire

    You can call it to quarantine fashion and it’s changing the way we shop around the house definitely leggings or like some flowy shorts we pretty much wear tank tops as wet pants just put on a top that looks presentable they think that you fully dressed and at work but you just you know just chilling.

    There’s no end in sight to working from home so millions are skipping office clothes and heels buying up sweatpants bike shorts and leggings instead this is probably the worst kept secret in television journalism but we’re all working from home a lot these days so when you see people it’s always a work shirt on top and usually leggings and flippers as we do so many virtual meetings millions are dressing for the keyboard up and spending less overall that’s sped up the bankruptcy of legendary retailers like Neiman Marcus J crew brooks brothers and ann Taylor with formal events like weddings mostly cancelled.

    Rent the runway is now closing all of its physical stores and with no tuxedos to rent men’s warehouse and joseph a bank’s parent company also filed for bankruptcy buying yoga pantsPeopleper cent buying a lot of sportsie a new survey shows 60 percent of Americans wear sweatpants while working from home while just six per cent dress up in business attire that has big brands like airy capitalizing on this moment launching new lines of athleisure like offline meeting.

    hoppers at home lululemon will soon roll out a new pair of pants for women with five pockets it looks like work slacks but feels like workout gear what are you hearing from customers on what they really want right now when it comes to activewear they want versatility in in what they’re wearing it needs to perform across the multiple needs that they have in the day because we’re not putting on our business attire and then coming home and shifting into our at home attire i mean they’re all merging.

    Do you see an increased demand an increased hunger for not just comfy clothes but comfy clothes that look good and perform well that make us feel a little more put together absolutely and i think that has been some of the the success of blue lemon to date you can use the apparel in a variety of activities be it through sweat or every day on the move meaning when we do go back to the office it might be in something a little more comfortable for today jolin kent los angeles everyone can relate to that i have to say my sweatpant game is pretty strong these days the best part about work from home though is being barefoot during live shots peter i was gonna say slippers you know blazer on top slippers on the bottom is always a good look all right dylan you’re on the spot what are you wearing you know i mean let’s let’s be honest i don’t think i’ve ever not worn sweatpants when i’m when i’m working from home so yeah the more clashing the better and it’s not it’s not even planned it’s um all about comfort that’s a killer pattern there’s the slippers too that that was probably my most ridiculous outfit I’m giving you high marks for that you.

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